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Leaving Suriname

Excitement began building as we began packing for the 'big move' and preparing for Pre-Field Orientation (PFO).  God was with us each step of the way...

Email...(Mon. June 4, '01)
Dear John:
I assume you are building piles of stuff we must get rid of and piles of things for storage and piles for taking to Suriname.
We had a very good closing week with school picnic and graduation. One of the blessing at the picnic was that the Brazilian ambassador's wife asked me where we went to church. After she comes back from vacation I will arrange to take her to our church.
Have you received the contract? If so what have you done with it. I still have not received it.
Is there anything I can help you with. Do you have any questions? I assumed that the NICS office was in constant contact with you but now I begin to wonder.
Please let me know.
Our Reply...(Mon. June 4, '01)
Dr. Martens,
 Let me first apologise, because our internet service
has been out due to a storm, however we are now back
online...Yes, I did receive the contract and I have
fwd it on to Mark (today).  I wanted you to know that
I have 9 graduate hours above my BA degree and I have had 6 years of teaching experience.  I don't know if
that would change the contract status or not, but it's
okay. I do have a question regarding my "Suriname
Pile"--when can we begin shipping personal items?  We both have bicycles that we would want to ship first,
followed by school materials, clothing, etc.  Also,
can I have the Land's End item number to order shirts
with the ACS logo?  Just wondering.  That's good news
regarding the ambassador's wife.  By the way, I see
that Mark has emailed me about the contract.  We are
both excited about PFO.  We can't wait for August to
get here.

God Bless You,

John McClung
His Response...(Same Day)
Dear John & Patricia

Thank you for the email. The best way to ship is to work with your travel agent and use the baggage allowance to the max. I believe it is the 1.5 cu .foot moving box fits within the airline allowance. You can put a lot within the box but you must watch the weight as well. You may be better off shipping your bikes as an extra box. If you wait a week or so I am working trying to get a regular surface ocean freight then you could ship it to Miami and we would then consolidate the shipment to Suriname. The problem is that this would go through customs and you would probably be liable for customs duties.

Our prayers are with you..

Frank Martens

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