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McClung News Journal
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Monday, May 19, 2003
Greetings Dear Friends,
Happy Mother's Day to all
                                    the mothers out there!  Wow, another month 
has slipped by and it's time to write again. 
                                    Well, a lot has gone on 
                                    and a lot of activities are going to be taking place in the next few weeks.  So,
                                    let's get you caught up to speed.
This past month of April was interesting. 
                                    I gave the message at our 
                                    church on Palm Sunday.  The message followed Christ and His 
disciples from Palm Sunday to the Passover night of His arrest and it 
incorporated all four gospels.  It
                                    went for 50 minutes!!  I only had one complaint about the length but, hey, that
                                    was Christ's last 5 days squeezed 
                                    50 minutes!  We also had an enjoyable Spring Break-a time to kick 
back and relax at home.
                                    has been back in session for several weeks and we only have 4 
and half weeks of school left!  We ask that you
                                    lift up in prayer the 
                                    that we have remaining.  It gets tough as the school year winds down.  
Pray for
                                    stamina and endurance.  A lot of kids (and teachers) have 
"vacation fever".  Speaking of vacations;
                                    Patricia and I embark on the 
                                    class trip to Trinidad this coming Wednesday.  We are really 
looking forward to this event.  Amy
                                    and Rob Krieg left Virginia today 
                                    Trinidad.  They are going to help us with the chaperone duties.  
Pray for
                                    everyone's safety as we travel. Prayer that all the flights are 
on time as scheduled.  This is a common problem
                                    when travelling in this 
                                    of the world.  Also, be praying for some of our students' 
passports and visas to check out once we land in Trinidad.  Otherwise, this is 
                                    to be a great time in the Lord.  This will actually be some of 
our kids' first 'mission trip', however it has not been billed as a 
missions trip.  Along with fun in
                                    the sun, the kids are required to do 
                                    Christian service activities.  We are looking forward to a great 
Some other prayer needs:  A prospective
                                    principal interviewed with us 
                                    past week.  We just ask for God's leading to be accomplished in 
this task of finding a new administrator for the school.  Also, keep Dr. 
                                    Martens and his wife, Ruth, in prayer as they make their 
                                    into retirement.  We also ask that you pray for the remaining 5 
vacant teacher positions.  Pray that
                                    God leads the right individuals to fill 
We continue to ask prayer for our home in NC. 
                                    We've had one nibble 
                                    possibly selling our home.  We ask that God will work all of this 
out in His own perfect timing.
                                    to pray for our safety here as there have been several more 
burglaries in our area.  We are having to give
                                    Nina back to her owners 
                                    week, so we are breaking down and actually hiring a home security 
service.  This is a 24/7 security firm that installs
                                    alarms in your home 
and actually
                                    comes on site within minutes of the alarm going off.  This 
is a little expensive, however God has provided us with the funds to 
afford it.  All of this, for peace
                                    of mind. 
Please click this link to see some pictures that we took this past 
week: <> 
If you are interested in us sharing with your home church, please 
contact us via email.  We have some
                                    open dates.  We would love to share in 
person with you.
 Take care
                                    and God Bless you,
 In Him,
 John and Patricia

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Trinidad Trip