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The month of February was interesting because of the spiritual warfare that was brewing.  Through a lot of prayer, God was again proven to be in control of all things. 

Bible orders were requested from our supporters and God blessed us with this request.  The bibles will arrive in March.

A new teacher was added to our teaching staff, Mr. Steven Dickens.  He came to replace teacher Ms. Reilly, who returned to the States for the birth of her granddaughter.

The month of March went by quickly and Spring Break crept up on us. I planned a trip into the interior and other exciting things were happening.......



Easter Newsletter (Sunday, March 24, 2002)
                                    We pray that this message finds you well.  Things have kept us hopping 
                                    in Suriname lately.  Spring Break has begun and I am happy to say that 
                                    it crept up on us.  Teachers usually count the days down to the next 
                                    major vacation.  I am pleased to report that God has blessed us with a 
                                    such a wonderful school year that I was not counting days (for once).  I 
                                    guess the old saying IS true-"Time flies when your having fun."  
                                    Having fun is not the reason we are here.  We are here because of our 
                                    Lord.  I am excited to tell you that 36 bibles have been delivered from 
                                    the request that we sent out in January.  We will place each student's 
                                    name in their own bible and we will present these bibles on behalf of 
                                    the sponsor who purchased the bibles.  I believe that a couple more 
                                    bibles are on their way on this month's freighter.  We thank you so much in 
                                    helping out in this effort. 
                                    The bible studies are going well.  The students are attending regularly 
                                    and are seeking out the Lord.  Please continue to pray that God uses 
                                    this time for His glory and purpose.  Patricia gives praises to the Lord 
                                    for the "Pray Request Jar" that she has started in the High School 
                                    classroom.  It has opened up many opportunities to share the Gospel, to 
                                    help the students grow in their walk with Christ, and to open their eyes 
                                    when they see God answering their prayers. Please pray for Patricia as 
                                    she begins an "in classroom" bible study at the end of April; due to the 
                                    current bible teacher leaving for the States for 5 weeks.  Pray that 
                                    God reveals to her which study to use.
                                    Being that it is Spring Break, I am taking this opportunity to travel 
                                    into the interior with fellow missionary Terry Lassiter.  Terry's 
                                    ministry is with the Aukan people.  We will be flying into the interior on 
                                    Wednesday, then travelling on a river by dugout canoe.  We will be 
                                    staying in an Aukan village where Terry has a little cabin.  The Aukan 
                                    outreach has been very successful.  I was informed that about a week ago, a 
                                    new church was being started in another Aukan village, and 45 villagers 
                                    showed up for the first meeting.  I am excited to see firsthand how God 
                                    is working in the interior.  This will be a short trip--I return on 
                                    Saturday.  I ask prayer for safety during this trip.
                                    Please continue to keep our school, students, staff, and leadership in 
                                    your prayers.  We ask that you pray that the school's direction and 
                                    leading continues to stay in the center of God's will.  We ask you to pray 
                                    for the staff changes that occur at theend of the school year .  We 
                                    pray that God provides teachers to fill the available positions that will 
                                    be open.  We have began looking forward to next school year with 
                                    Please keep Patricia and me in your prayers--we have just been informed 
                                    that we will become parents--that's right--we will become parents of 
                                    four young men (ages 5 to 14) for 3 weeks due to their parents flying to 
                                    Holland for ministry research. This is a huge leap for us (however, we 
                                    will FINALLY have hot water!!).  Our parental duties begin April 1st 
                                    through April 17th.  Please pray for travel mercy for the parents (the 
                                    Davises) and pray that God gives us the insight and patience that it 
                                    takes in rearing 4 boys!
                                    Other news of note...we have our airline tickets and we will be 
                                    returning to the States in mid-June.  Our schedule is filling up fast-- it 
                                    appears that we will be speaking in 4 different churches and may have room 
                                    for one more speaking engagement.  Email us if you are interested.  
                                    Also, the website has been updated with photos and a 'behind-the-scenes' 
                                    journal of how God placed us here (please overlook the anti-bin Laden 
                                    propaganda-my emotions got the best of me).  
                                    In closing, I would like to share these thoughts...being Palm Sunday
                                    and Easter week ahead of us, I challenge you to reflect upon Christ's 
                                    final week as Man upon this earth.  Christ took the full brunt of God's 
                                    wrath for each of us as he hung there on that cross, dying for our sins. 
                                    When His Father turned away from Him, I imagine that it was more 
                                    painful than the torture and crucifixion itself.  Jesus paid it all.  
                                    "Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!" [John 1:29].  
                                    "But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were 
                                    still sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, having now been 
                                    justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him."[Rom. 5:8-9].  
                                    After witnessing the events surrounding His arrest, torture, and 
                                    murder, the Roman centurion summed it up best by exclaiming "Truly this was 
                                    the Son of God!"  And our Savior did not stay dead for long, but He 
                                    conquered Death, Hell, and the Grave.  After disappointment at the empty 
                                    tomb and sudden joy at speaking with the Risen Savior, Mary Magdalene ran 
                                    away to tell everyone the good news.  Jesus then appeared to over 500 
                                    men before He ascended to the Father.  But the good news does not end 
                                    there...He is coming back for His bride.  His coming is closer today than 
                                    yesterday.  I must challenge myself on daily basis to live in light of 
                                    His return.  In Revelation, the Risen Savior warns several times "he 
                                    who has ears, let him hear".  How is your relationship?  Are you asleep 
                                    in the Light? or are you like the servant, awake and at the door 
                                    waiting?  Behold, He comes quickly!
                                    In Christ's Love,
                                    John and Patricia