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Leaving Suriname

We began to settle in to the new tropical (sweltering) environment.  School went off with a bang.  We were both very excited to meet the students and the parents.  Things here were indeed different (for the better!). We met a lot of new friends and continued our adjustment...then, the September 11th tradgedy strikes.  We watched the events unfold via the internet, and then eventually, through a live CNN feed...

First News Update from Suriname..(Wed. Oct. 17, 01)
Greetings from Suriname!
                                    Praise the Lord! God is so good!  He is our strength and refuge in 
                                    times of despair, and His mercy and grace flows upon us. Patricia and I 
                                    want you to know that we have been praying for you and thinking of you.  
                                    With all that has happened in the United States, and all that continues 
                                    to happen, we take comfort in knowing that our God, the Lord Jesus 
                                    Christ, is our shield, our protector, and our comforter.  I know that the 
                                    Lord is using you mightily to share the Gospel during this time in the 
                                    States.  We have heard wonderful reports of bible studies in schools, 
                                    prayer in schools, and individuals seeking God's guidance during this 
                                    God has provided many opportunities for us to share His Word in 
                                    Suriname.  We ask that you continue to pray for us.  In the past few weeks, I, 
                                    (John) was able to join a fellow missionary in his ministry at the 
                                    Suriname prison.  What an experience!  The young man (murderer) that we 
                                    shared with, requested bible study materials in order to preach the Gospel 
                                    behind bars.  Patricia and I continue to work as youth leaders with the 
                                    local youth group here.  Please keep this in your prayers.  On average, 
                                    there are 30-40 kids who attend the bi-monthly services.  God provided 
                                    me the opportunity to give His message at the last event.  I am, by no 
                                    means, a preacher--just a tool in God's toolbox; and I was humbled and 
                                    excited to share in this way.  Pray that these kids will hunger to 
                                    increase their walk in Christ, and grow.  I will begin a bible study on 
                                    October 22nd with the young men.  Please, PLEASE pray over this.  Pray 
                                    that the Holy Spirit would lead them to this study.  Unfortunately, some 
                                    have the false belief that simply being a missionary's kid is enough.   
                                    Patricia has been participating in a women's bible study group once a 
                                    month.  This has been a wonderful opportunity for the women in the 
                                    missionary community to bond.  She has also been attending a Japanese art 
                                    class and has been able to share her faith with several of the students' 
                                    We continue enjoying our work at the American Cooperative School.  The 
                                    students are so delightful!!  Patricia continues working with the 
                                    10th-12th grade Independent Study Program.  This program will be going 
                                    through transition next year to a more traditional high school setting.  
                                    Please pray God will provide the needed teachers as the school program 
                                    continues to grow (inquire with me if you are interested in teaching for 
                                    the Lord!).  I continue teaching the middle-school social studies 
                                    classes.  Pray for our students.  Some of our students come from different 
                                    religious backgrounds--Muslim or Hindu--and they are hearing the Gospel 
                                    daily.  Pray for our American teacher friends in Indonesia.  They 
                                    teaching at a NICS school in Bandung (outside of Jakarta).  Unlike so many 
                                    other expatriate schools that have shut down in the midst of this crisis, 
                                    they continue to teach daily. We also covet your prayers regarding our 
                                    staff of the school.  Please pray for Audra Buckley.  She is a new 
                                    teacher to the school, and she has contracted Dengue Fever, a disease 
                                    carried by mosquitoes.  Her body is wracked with pain and fever.  The fever 
                                    drains the body, causing severe joint and muscle pain.  The doctors 
                                    indicated that her body may need 4 weeks to heal. Pray for strength, 
                                    comfort, and healing during this time.  Also pray for Susan Conrad.  She, 
                                    too, is a new teacher at the school struggling with medical concerns. 
                                    Pray for wisdom and discernment for her physicians and a time of healing 
                                    for her.  This has made Patricia and I very thankful and we feel blessed 
                                    as God continues to protect us from illness and disease.
                                    Regarding daily life activities, our Lord has answered so many prayers.  
                                    We have been attending a wonderful church on Sundays.  The sermons have 
                                    challenged and fed us.  Other people have displayed Christ's love to us 
                                    by inviting us over for meals, picking up groceries, providing rides to 
                                    church, and giving me driving lessons!!  I feel like I'm sixteen again!  
                                    In Suriname, people drive the opposite way (like in a British colony, 
                                    which Suriname once was).  So, everything that I have learned about 
                                    driving, I have to disregard and do the opposite of!  Bicycles continue to 
                                    be the main mode of transportation, and God has quickly answered our 
                                    prayers when EVEN these have broken down!
                                    We thank you for your love, prayers, and support.  We want to encourage 
                                    you during this time.  We rely on God's strength and power.  Thank you  
                                    for diligently praying for us.  We feel the prayers being lifted up.  
                                    Please continue to email us your prayer needs and praises.  We apologize 
                                    if it takes a long time to respond.  Unfortunately, the internet 
                                    service is VERY slow and unpredictable.  It has been a blessing that I have 
                                    not lost connection while composing this letter.  Also feel free to 
                                    continue to write us letters as well.  We miss you, love you, and continue 
                                    to pray for you!
                                    Warmly, In Christ,
                                    John and Patricia McClung
                                    PS...I am having success with the Missionary Diet and I have lost 20 
                                    pounds!  I did cheat however, on October 7th--my 33rd birthday, I got my 
                                    ONE b'day wish--We ate at McDonald's!
Then, I suddenly get the
                                    dreaded Dengue Fever...
Dengue Fever...(Thurs.
                                    Oct. 18, 01)
Greetings Once Again!
                                    I have an urgent prayer need.  I was awakened at 4 am this morning from 
                                    tremendous body pain and diarreah.  As it turns out, I have all 
                                    symptoms of Dengue Fever!  I have been to the local Medical Clinic where 2 
                                    doctors checked me over and were very certain of this prognosis.  I've got 
                                    blood work in the lab and I will get the results Friday morning.  As it 
                                    turns out, another teacher, Mae Reilly, has also been diagnosed with 
                                    Dengue.  Mae is Audra Buckley's roommate.  Please pray for us.  Dengue is 
                                    not fun; however, there seems to be no long-lasting, chronic effects.  
                                    Pray that Patricia does not come down with it--she is presently showing 
                                    no ill effects of it.  We all know that God is in control.  "For in 
                                    time of trouble He shall hide me in His pavilion:  in secret of His 
                                    tabernacle shall He hide me; He shall set me up upon a rock," Psalm 27:5.  
                                    Please continue to pray for the school staff and students.  Since the 3 
                                    of us have come down with Dengue, the Health Deptment has ordered our 
                                    school closed on Friday and Monday to spray for mosquitoes; although I do 
                                    not feel that I was bitten during the school day.  For more on Dengue 
                                    Fever, go to
                                    Thank you for your prayers in our time of need.
                                    Your brother in Christ,
                                    John McClung

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