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Dengue Fever is caused by nasty, little mosquito who bites during the day.  The illness is so wicked that is commonly referred to as "bone-breaker sickness" by the locals.  There is a fatal form of Dengue, which you don't want to get because you die a slow, excruiating death from your blood vessels errupting causing you to bleed (hemmorahge) to death...Thank God, I didn't have that kind....

Dengue Update...(Tues. Oct. 23, 01)
Greetings Again.

I have had several inquires regarding my condition, so I figured that I should update everyone.  My lab results came back positive for Dengue Fever, and I really didn't need lab results to know that I was sick! (My
poor attempt at humor!)  Thank you all for your prayers and concern.  I could actually feel God answering your prayers. I do have the nonfatal type of Dengue.  There are actually 4 types and Type FOUR is often lethal, so I praise God that He still has plans for me here in Suriname. 
How do I feel?  Well, to tell you the truth, today (Monday) has been the worst day yet.  I am very fatigued.  I have been carrying a low-grade fever.  My body generally aches and throbs in the muscles and joints.  I
am weak and dizzy.  It is difficult for me to move from room to room, especially going up and down stairs; but I am managing.  Am I on medication?  Yes--but who knows what it is?  It has been described as Tylenol
with caffeine, for the pain.  I've been taking that with no negative effects. I am also taking regular Tylenol.  How long does it last?  I have been told 6-8 weeks, sometimes longer if the person overdoes himself. 
I am taking the rest of the week off from teaching.  Pray for my dear wife, Patricia.  She is taking on my teaching responsibilities.  She has helped me tremendously during my illness, and I thank God for her!  Am I gonna die?  Sure--someday. Remember, "to be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord".  I have the NON-fatal form of Dengue. 
Appearantly, there is a Dengue outbreak in Suriname.  Tonight, on local television, they ran a special on Dengue-however, it was in Dutch.  I tried to understand it.  They told you to check for standing water,
symptoms, etc.  The other 2 teachers have recovered enough to return to teaching on Tuesday.  I know that they appreciated your prayers.  How's Patricia?  Patricia is wonderful.  She makes a good nurse.  She does not
have Dengue.  The only way that she can get it, is to be bitten by the Dengue-carrying mosquito.  A regular mosquito can bite me, and then her, but she will not get it since it is the wrong type of mosquito. Please pray that Patricia IS NOT bitten by this spawn of the devil. (Has my humor gotten worse with this fever?)  Seriously,please pray for my continued healing; but above that, please pray for my students who are lost. 
They are so precious.  The responses that I got from them brought tears to my eyes...My sixth grader from West Africa wrote:  "Dear Mr. McClung, I am very sorry you are sick.  When I heard it this morning, I almost
cried.  Everyone was very sad you weren't here. Then everyone thought you had danga[sic] fever.  We all feel sorry for you.  I will ask God to help you on your feet again.  We wish to see you at school.  Once again, we are all sorry.  Sincerely, Pascal".  That pretty much choked me up.  Pascal IS a Christian.  I also received a card made and signed by my Eighth graders.  Such an outpouring of love from these students!  I'm not used to it.  Tonight, a student rode his bike to our house to check
on me, and he gave me two Cadbury chocolate bars!  God has worked through these kids to bless me back and I am deeply humbled.  Well, I'll wrap this up since it is 2 AM.  My days and nights are turned around from the sleep I've been getting.  We love you guys and miss you.  Please
take care and in all things, give thanks to God.

Christ's Humble Servant,


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