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After the reply from Dr. Martens and the way that our daily circumstances were going, we were becoming very excited by watching what the Lord was doing on a day by day basis...

General Email Annoucncement...(Tues. Oct. 17, '00)
Hello people!

I hope that the Lord is blessing each and every one of
you.  My wife, Patricia, and I have some EXCITING
news!  We are certain that the Lord is leading us into
full-time missions!!  We are "WOWed" how the Lord has
started things moving SO FAST!  We plan to answer the
call by teaching children of missionaries.  Many
options have opened up; so we ask that you pray for us
in regarding the direction that the Lord wants us to
go.  We are looking at Wycliffe Bible Transalators,
which have positions in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon
Islands, and other places.  Also, we are considering a
school in Suriname, South America; which is through
Network of Christian International Schools.  If any of
you know of anything personally in regards to either
of these organizations (positive/negative), please
share your insight!  We ask for prayer regarding
finances.  I have some debt to take care of, and we
have to raise financial support.  This is a challenge,
but we are totally putting our faith in God.  We know
that He handles the SMALL STUFF.  Please pray
specifically that God shows us exactly where He wants
us to serve.  We are shooting to enter the field next
Aug/Sept 2001.  We are going to bathe this upcoming
ministry in prayer, so we need your prayers too!  We
ask for you to pray for our families...they are in the
dark about these plans, because we want to sit them
down face to face over the Christmas holidays and tell
them.  This is one thing that you don't tell your
family over the phone!!  "Guess what, Mom and Dad?
We're leaving the country, and without any money!!!"
But we know that God provides; and we want to be
obedient, deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow
the Lord!  Please pray for us as often as you can.
Please email us back, too!

We hope that God continues His blessings on you all,
In Him,

John and Patricia McClung

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