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Leaving Suriname

This was a humorous letter of encouragement about our situation.  It was entitled "Something to Write Home About"....

Dear Prayer Partners,

Well, it seems that Y2K finally happened!  Funny that we had to wait 2 years and go to another continent to experience it!

What we are really experiencing here is something to tell your kids about...Suriname's power runs on
hydroelectricity.  It seems that sometime yesterday, a huge log crashed through the dam and destroyed one of the (only) two turbines that generate the electricity for the entire country.  We are having "rolling blackouts" (explain that to the kids).  It seems that they allow us to have power after 11 PM until (hopefully) 5 AM...that's how it happened last night and we seem to be repeating it again this evening.

Let me paint the picture for you--have you ever had the opportunity to experience an approaching hurricane? Everyone makes a mad dash to the grocery store and it is chaos--no bread, food, water, etc. That seems to be the norm for today.  Another problem is that everyone's water is pumped into their homes using electricity, thus no electricity=no water.  And no refridgerator on top of that....

It seems that they are "flying in an American to evaluate the problem" sometime tomorrow.  It was also stated that the American will say "Yep, it looks broken to me.  We have to fly in a new part."  So, we were told to expect this little inconveneince for at least a week.

This is really kinda funny.  Patricia and I have enjoyed 2 evenings of candle lit dinners, cat napped, and enjoyed a couple of good books.  School is tentively cancelled for tomorrow, although we have to go to work.  And there is a lesson here, it is fun to
realize that even though we are here without the "normal American" comforts of home, we've still managed to take certain things for granted--taken out of our comfort zones (again!), if you will.  This is also a good reminder that God is ultimately the one in control.

In light of my levity, I do ask that you still pray for us during this time.  Some of the students were extremely stressed out by this situation and some were actually frightened (this is an opportune time for burglars).  Some of the "new" teachers are having a hard time with this too. Keep them in prayer.  As for us, we have enough rations for 2 more days--so I believe that we will be just fine.    

I am reminded of the passage in Luke 12 beginning with verse 22: "Then Jesus said to His disciples: 'Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear..."  This passage encourages us not to worry, that God provides and takes care of His people.  I want this to be encouragement to you, my friends.  The next time you are faced by trials, just stop and think how blessed you are--and I don't mean the easy blessings (my family, my home, etc.)--I mean, stop and REALLY think about what God has blessed you with, and what have you taken for granted in the past 30 minutes?

A quick praise...I thank God for the
opportunity last Wednesday to speak at Chapel.  I wasn't sure what message I was going to speak on, but Hey, it's not MY message anyway, right?  God told me (in neon lights) that He wanted me to speak on the Parable of the Sower and the Seeds and challenge the kids to evaluate what type of soil they are.  I just get so amazed at how
the Spirit moves!!  Please continue to pray for these students that God continually convicts.

Well enough rambling...
Sorry that the addresses are a mile long, my PC is dead which means my Group Mail program is down, so I composed this email the old-fashioned way and I know that I have left some people of this mailing list.

Keep in Prayer,

John and Patricia

Autumn '02