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Just a quick update of our recovery and how prayers are answered....and the devil is not relenting toward fellow teachers...

Hello !

Just a quick update and THANK YOU for your prayers!  At last those itchy hives are gone!  So thanks so much for praying for my healing.  Patricia is doing great too.  We would like to share another prayer of thanksgiving--A week ago Saturday night, 3 of our teachers and a mutual friend had a misadventure.  They were downtown after dark (a BIG No-No) and were on a side street (another Big No-No) and they were robbed at gunpoint.  We thank God that no one was injured, however they were quite
shaken by this experience.  Hopefully they now understand why the consulate puts out specific warnings.  We ask that you pray for Audra Buckley because she was quite traumatized and is having difficulty sleeping at night.

I have the awesome opportunity of speaking in Chapel this Wednesday to the Seventh through Twelveth Graders.  Please pray that God uses me in a mighty way to share in love and truth to these young people.  I pray that He guides my words and gives me the right topic and wisdom for this task at hand.

We thank you again for your continued prays.  If you know someone that
would like to be added to our email update list, just respond back to me with the correct email address and I will add them (some Brice's Creek Youth emails came back as UNDELIVERABLE--so please help me correct this problem.

In Christ's Love
John and Patricia

IM ME!!   MSN IM: williebark@hotmail .com
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         Yahoo IM:  johnmcclung29@yahoo .com

October '02