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Leaving Suriname

Happy Easter,

We pray that you are well and had a pleasant Easter Sunday. Allow me to start off by saying that I hope that you had the chance set aside some time this Easter to reflect on what Jesus Christ did for you and me. Possibly this will be the first Easter in a long while that many people actually do this, thanks to a certain movie. Say what you will about pirated movies, but we had the opportunity this past month to watch "The Passion of the Christ". This movie has brought several of the lost people of Suriname to Christ. I know that it has received much criticism and praise, however it has people talking about Christ. I saw on Fox News just this week that Time Magazine is considering Jesus as "Man of the Year" for its annual issue. Well, that may be good and all, but Jesus is not just the "Man of the Year"; He's the Lord of Lords and King of Kings; He is the "Man of the Year, for Eternity" in my book. Without Him, we are dead. He brings us Life. Let me share with you some joyous news...

First, we saw "The Passion" in a church here in Suriname. That night, 17 people came forward to claim Jesus as their personal Savior. The night before, over 20 people made decisions for Christ; and God only knows how many on the following nights. But the news gets better...

Hindsight is 20/20 as they say. At the beginning of the school year, I quietly grumbled about being "demoted" (as I felt at the time) to Elementary Chapel. I've since repented of those feelings and I've asked God to use me to His fullest potential for Elementary Chapel...and I have found a lot of joy in it. We meet every Thursday morning, grades 1 through 7 and we sing a couple praise songs and we teachers rotate the message responsibilities. This past Thursday, I gave the special Easter message and clearly presented the Gospel, but this time I offered an invitation...and over 10 students responded. At the time, I only saw 2 little ones raise their hands but when we all got back to my classroom, with great enthusiasm, 5 of my 7 students told me that they accepted Christ as their Savior! I was blown away. Later, I found out that several students in other classes made professions of faith. How awesome God's love and how powerful His message is! Jesus himself once told His disciples, "Permit the children to come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all." Luke 18:16-17 NASB. Please keep these students in prayer, especially the 5 in my classroom. I've asked you to pray on their behalf before and God definitely answered. One my 11-year-old students is from India and she is greatly concerned about her family's reaction. They are hindu and her father holds high political status in the Indian embassy. She is not going to tell her family yet; and they will be moving to another country at the end of this school year, so we ask that God gives her endurance and strengthens her faith while in her youth.

Another answered prayer was that the shoeboxes from Operation: Christmas Child were released but for a price--$5,000 USD. Suralco (Suriname's bauxite/aluminum company) picked up the tab. Rumor has it that Franklin Graham's organization will be paying a visit to Suriname. The policy of Samaritan's Purse is to distribute shoeboxes duty-free. The Suriname government had agreed to this on two occassions but changed their minds once the boxes arrived in country. It is possible that Samaritan's Purse could stop distribution to Suriname, so we should all pray about this matter.

As far as prayer requests go, please keep in prayer the matter of decisions regarding seminary. I am still waiting to hear if I've been accepted to Dallas Theological Seminary (I've been waiting word for almost a month). I have been accepted to Asbury Theological Seminary in KY. Just pray that God makes it clear to me which seminary He wants me to attend. I entrust God to provide for all the financial matters for us as He has while we've been in Suriname.

Thankfully, Patricia and I have made it to Spring Break. Tonight, we have our discipleship cell group here in our home. Tonight's topic is Christ's Resurrection, then we will be taking the group out for bowling and dinner--a special treat for them. Also, Patricia and I have a special treat coming up next week. We are going to take some time out for ourselves and go to Overbridge for one night.

Finally, continue to pray for the school year. We only have 6 weeks left. Pray that we have more decisions made for Christ. And we ask a special prayer for our Seniors, who will be making decisions about their future. Two of our international students, Peggy and Adelia, have been accepted to universities in the states. Pray that God makes their paths clear for their continuing education in the states.

In Him,

John and Patricia


Leaving Suriname