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Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 15:17:37 -0400

                                    Just a quick note to update you on events here.  I can't believe how 
                                    fast the weeks are going by (maybe because we are so busy).  Well, first 
                                    I would like you to know that my grandmother went home to be with the 
                                    Lord this past Saturday.  She was 86.
                                    Secondly, I delivered the message to about 40 young people at the 
                                    Chinese Church here on Sunday morning.  It was interesting---everything was 
                                    in Dutch, so Patricia and I were obviously lost during the worship 
                                    songs--he he he--but I gave the sermon in English.  Seemed to go rather 
                                    Thirdly, Sunday evening was just incredible.  We held our first ever 
                                    Sunday evening service at the school.  We had several new parents attend 
                                    and about 12 new students were there.  That brought the numbers up to 
                                    over 40 in attendance for this service.  God really answered this 
                                    prayer.  I had the opportunity to preach the message.  We've heard a lot of 
                                    good responses from everyone in regards to this type of service.  So, 
                                    the glory goes to God for allowing others to see the need for this type 
                                    of outreach.
                                    Fourthly, one of our students departed this week to go back to Japan. 
                                    has lived in Suriname all her life, 
                                    so it is hard on her and all of the friends that she leaves behind.  
                                    Kanako is a dynamic Christian and her impact here will be missed.  We just 
                                    want to ask prayer for her adjustment and ask prayer that she will be 
                                    able to find a bible teaching, Christ-centered church/youth group in 
                                    And lastly, as you know, Isabel went through and wreaked some havoc.  
                                    We found out that our belongings in the New Bern storage unit are safe 
                                    and unharmed, but we have some friends that felt the brunt of Isabel's 
                                    wrath.  We ask prayer for the Luper's as they replace the damaged 
                                    flooded portions of their home.  We thank God that they were safe during the 
                                    storm.  There are some other friends out there that we have not heard 
                                    from, so we pray that everyone weathered the hurricane safely.
                                    Please continue to pray for us as we plant seeds for God's Kingdom,
                                    In His Name,
                                    John and Patricia
                                    Matthew 6:6

Oct/Nov '03