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McClung News Journal
Feb/March '03
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Well, I'm gonna be honest--this was a tough month for us.  We were broken into by thieves and  were left feeling pretty much violated.  Satan has tried every possible way to discourage our ministry here.  Sometimes, we feel like throwing in the towel-but God reassures us to stay in the race; so that's what were gonna do.  Just keep praying for us...

Tue, 4 Mar 2003

Hello Prayer Partners!
                                    We hope this email finds you well.  I really wanted to share an 
                                    exciting and encouraging newsletter this month, but it may be a little 
                                    difficult...I will start with the exciting news first.  Our home was invaded 
                                    on Sunday night/early Monday morning by thieves.  This is why the 
                                    newsletter is a little difficult to write this time.  We are both fine, but 
                                    somewhat shaken.  The burglars came in quickly and quietly.  They stole 
                                    our VCR, a broken boom-box stereo, and unfortunately (because of my 
                                    stupidity) they stole the laptop bag with my digital camera in it with 
                                    some various software, cds, and a dvd I had yet to watch.  I left the 
                                    laptop bag on the couch, along with the laptop powercord.  They got the 
                                    powercord too, along with our bookbags and Doby's "carry-on" kennel that 
                                    we use for air travel.  Our greatest loss was the camera and powercord, 
                                    however we know that these are just material things that can be easily 
                                    replaced.  We just ask prayer for the emotional trauma that something 
                                    like this brings.  We know that God protected us and I truly believe 
                                    that God kept us asleep because He knows how I can over-react in 
                                    situations like this.  We have always known that we were at risk of break-ins 
                                    while living in Suriname.  It was just a matter of time.  A lot of good 
                                    people here that we know belong to the elite group of "property crime 
                                    victims".  Well, what good can come from this?  I don't quite know yet.  
                                    It makes you realize that your stuff is just "stuff" that belongs to 
                                    God anyhow.  We know that Christ said to love/pray for your enemies, but 
                                    it's a challenge to put that into practice.  I guess that is something 
                                    I need to work on.  Pray for me in that regard.
                                    So, now to answer your many questions...Q)  How did they break in?   A)  
                                    Patricia and I had (past tense) a bad habit (hindsight is 20/20) of 
                                    leaving our keys on the kitchen counter.  Well, basically we handed our 
                                    keys to the thieves and said, "Have at it".  They slit the screen over 
                                    the kitchen sink and used a very long stick to retrieve the keys (the old 
                                    western movie "break out of jail" trick).  Usually, they break off the 
                                    thief bars on the windows or they jimmy the lock.  Not in this case; 
                                    much easier when you have the keys to the door!                  Q2)  
                                    Where was your dog?   A2) The little bugger was in bed with us.  Patricia 
                                    did awaken to some voices around 4 am and said that Doby growled once 
                                    or twice but she dismissed the voices as our neighbors (which has been 
                                    the case in the past).  So the only use that Doby is, is a snuggle buddy 
                                    lap dog.  He seems to understand what has happened and even seems a 
                                    little traumatized himself because he won't bark when we are not at home.       
                                    Q3) When did you realize you had been robbed?  A3)  When Patricia got 
                                    up at 5:30 am to walk Doby.  She couldn't find the keys and she 
                                    instantly noticed that the VCR was missing.  She woke me up and we realized 
                                    what had happened.  In fact, they had locked us in.  We had to call our 
                                    neighbor, Adam, and he came over and discovered the keys in the door on 
                                    the outside.  At least the robbers were considerate enough to leave our 
                                    keys behind.     Q4)  What are you going to do to better protect 
                                    yourself?   A4)  Continue to rely on God.  We've hire a school guard to stay 
                                    outside all night until Friday.  This is just so I can sleep peacefully 
                                    at night.  I don't think that they will be back.  We changed the locks 
                                    and we are getting new screens and we are 'borrowing' a Rottweiler from 
                                    one of our students on Friday.  We can keep this dog until we come home 
                                    for the summer.  Also, we are having an iron gate-type door installed 
                                    at the top of our upstairs to protect the upstairs bedroom areas.  This 
                                    reminds me of the saying "Locking the barndoor after the horse is 
                                    Here's a humbling thought...Jesus pretty much set the example.  He had 
                                    very few material things, yet His heavenly Father made provisions for 
                                    Him.  He had a place to sleep and food to eat.  So many times, we put 
                                    too much emphasis on the material, temporal world, and we 'suffer' when 
                                    we go without things.  We must remember how important it is to "lay up 
                                    our treasures in heaven" rather than here on earth.
                                    Some Prayer Requests:
                                    Please continue to pray about our home in North Carolina.  We are still 
                                    without renters.
                                    Pray for teachers for next year.  Here is a Praise!  A new teacher, 
                                    Emily Fulkerson, just arrived fresh out of college from Arizona.  Please 
                                    pray for her transition to Suriname.  She will be teaching the third 
                                    graders.  Now we only need about 7 more teachers.
                                    Continue to pray for our students and our ministry opportunities with 
                                    them.  We are already excited about some ministry opportunities for next 
                                    school year.
                                    Please pray for the class trip that Patricia and I are chaperoning in 
                                    just a few weeks.  We are taking 10 high school students to 
                                    Trinidad-Tobago for their trip.  We are praying that Rob and Amy Krieg can join us 
                                    on this adventure, so pray for their schedules.
                                    I have been worked into the monthly rotation at our local church to 
                                    give the message on a monthly basis.  Please pray that God uses me in the 
                                    way He desires for this ministry.
                                    There are probably some more requests that I'm forgetting.  Forgive me, 
                                    because my mind is still a little numb.  If I am reminded of any other 
                                    prayer needs, I will let you know.  Thank you for all of your prayers 
                                    and lifting us up to Lord.  We really appreciate that.  Feel free to 
                                    drop us a line and share any praises or prayer needs that you may have.
                                    In His Name,
                                    and Patricia

April '03