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Another prayer letter with many praises, but the devil is still scheming...

Wednesday, October 30, 2002
Hello Dear Friends!
                                    Warm Autumn Greetings from Sunny Suriname!  Ah, October is my favorite 
                                    month of the year for many reasons--football, colorful fallen leaves, 
                                    crisp air, the first frost, orange pumpkins, and of course--my birthday.  
                                    We don't have any of that going on here in Suriname, so October kinda 
                                    makes me homesick.  This has been a trying October this year, so we are 
                                    glad that we have only one more day of it...
                                    As some of you know, we just about lost our little dog Doby on the 
                                    14th.  He had a bad reaction to some medicated shampoo that the vet gave 
                                    him.  Watching him die was very traumatic for Patricia and me.  However, 
                                    we want to give all praise to God because you guys prayed for Doby and 
                                    God delivered him.  We have taken him to the vet almost every other day 
                                    since that traumatic week of recovery.  He is almost back to his old 
                                    self, however he is having some difficulty with his vision.  He almost 
                                    went blind from the fever and dehydration and shock. His eyes are cloudy 
                                    gray.  We ask that you continue to pray for his healing.  Through this 
                                    experience, we have been able to witness to our students in the respect 
                                    of the power of intercessory prayer.  The kids have had a chance to see 
                                    the "human" side of Patricia as she cuddled Doby at school all that 
                                    week.  Some kids became as emotional as Patricia was.  She shared with 
                                    them about how God cares for things such as animals (Matthew 6:25-34) and 
                                    how she never lost hope. 
                                    Some other things have been going on that I ask that you pray about, 
                                    but let me start with the good news....Praises!
                                    Praise God that we are both in good health (although the minute I write 
                                    this in a prayer letter, the enemy attacks my health).  No more rashes, 
                                    hives, fever, etc.  So thank God for that....seems like a virus is 
                                    going through the high school.  Kids are dropping like flies with fever, 
                                    vomiting, and diarrhea; so we want to ask prayer for our ill students.
                                    Thank God that the electricity problem was patched up after a couple 
                                    days of inconvenience.  You don't know what a wonderful invention that 
                                    the air conditioner is!
                                    Praise God that we now have our residency status.  All this means is 
                                    that we no longer have to go to immigration every 3 weeks to have our 
                                    passports stamped--we are now legal residents of Suriname.
                                    Praise be to God for our after school bible study.  About 8 students 
                                    come out each week.  These numbers are down a little from last year, but 
                                    we aren't discouraged.  We would have bible study if only ONE student 
                                    came out. Please pray for these young students that they stand on a firm 
                                    foundation and develop a strong personal relationship with Christ.  All 
                                    of the students attending this year (so far) are Christians, so our 
                                    function is to disciple.
                                    We are not working in Youth Group this year.  This is due to our 
                                    philosophy that Youth Group is for the kids.  There are a lot of adults that 
                                    come out to YG and just stand around.  We feel that adults should only 
                                    make up about 10% of the people there, so we have opted out this year, 
                                    much to the protest of students.  Instead, Patricia and I are 
                                    sponsoring Family Volleyball on Friday nights opposite of YG.  This has been met 
                                    with tremendous success.  So many people are coming out, we've had to 
                                    put up an additional net.  The kids love it and can't seem to get enough 
                                    of it.  We play some MEAN V-ball!!
                                    Patricia wants you to know that her girl's bible study in the high 
                                    school classroom continues to bear fruit.  Please keep her in prayer as she 
                                    guides these young ladies with life-issues that most girls have to deal 
                                    More Prayer Requests...
                                    Pray for our students and our classes in general.  The "honeymoon" 
                                    period is over for my students.  This year is more challenging for me in 
                                    terms of classroom motivation.  When the kids are not motivated, it is 
                                    difficult for even me to be motivated.  They would rather talk about 
                                    other stuff than what I am trying to teach them.  So I NEED prayer in that 
                                    Please pray for our staff.  The enemy tries his best to cause friction 
                                    and distraction so that we loose focus.  We have 2 teachers that we 
                                    want to lift up in prayer.  Steven has been with us since last February 
                                    and he is suffering from major depression.  He is bi-polar.  We just ask 
                                    that you pray for his mental, physical, and spiritual health.  Another 
                                    teacher we ask prayer for is Susan.  She has a lot difficulty (in 
                                    general) with 'Life in Suriname'.  Her class size is very small (will be 
                                    down to 2 students in December) and she is frustrated over things.  She 
                                    feels regret over returning this year.  We ask that you lift these 2 
                                    teachers up and we ask prayer for Patricia and myself as we 
                                    encounter/encourage these 2 on a daily basis.
                                    We also want to ask prayer for next year.  We will be losing 5 teachers 
                                    next year (65% of our staff) due to turnover.  God willing, Patricia 
                                    and I plan on returning next year.  We know that God provides and calls 
                                    people into His service, but we want to go ahead and ask you to be 
                                    praying on a continual basis. We are looking for teachers as early as 
                                    January.  We were already 2 teachers short from the beginning of this school 
                                    year.  This is a genuine prayer need.  Along those lines, we ask you to 
                                    pray for teacher housing...housing here is NOT at all like in the 
                                    states.  Houses are hard to rent.  When they see white Americans, the rent 
                                    quadruples.  We know that Doctor Marten's (our principal) lease will not 
                                    be renewed next year, nor the lease that houses another teacher.  The 
                                    dwelling that we live in is the ONLY property owned by the school--so at 
                                    least, we have a home.
                                    We ask prayer for Christy Phillips and her family.  Christy is our new 
                                    science teacher.  She and her husband, Miles, and her 3 daughters and 1 
                                    son have joined us for just this year.  Well, last week some brazen 
                                    burglars broke into their home during the night while the Phillips family 
                                    slept.  Miles was awakened when the burglars entered their upstairs 
                                    bedroom.  Miles is a BIG man--he jumped up and chased those burglars out 
                                    with a tennis racquet.  The burglars were lucky to make it out 
                                    untouched.  Some property was stolen, but Thank God no one was hurt.  They are 
                                    extremely traumatized from this event so we ask that you lift them up in 
                                    prayer.  This news really shocked Patricia and me because this is the 
                                    same home that we lived in for a month last April as we cared for the 
                                    Davis boys.  We ask that you pray for protection of our home.
                                    A new school board president was put into position this week as the 
                                    former president stepped down.  We ask prayer for the board as they are 
                                    the ones who direct the school.  Also, the board makes recommendations 
                                    for who returns the following school year.  Pray that there is unity 
                                    between the board and the school administration because this is a favorite 
                                    area that Satan loves tossing into turmoil.
                                    I don't mean to be long-winded.  We love getting emails from you 
                                    because this is a great encouragement for us.  Please send any prayer 
                                    requests that you may have, so that we may pray for you.  This is a team 
                                    effort.  Thanks again for all of your prayers and support.  We could not be 
                                    here without you behind us.
                                    A lot of you have requested our mailing address so you can send us 
                                    goodies (another BIG encouragement *wink*wink*).  We have 2 addresses....
                                    The first one is for letters, cards, DVDs, and things that are book 
                                    John and Patricia McClung
                                    in care of American Cooperative School
                                    P.O. Box XXXX  Miami, FL  33152
(WEBREADERS: If you need our address, email me)
                                    This next address is for packages larger than a book such as TVs, 1968 
                                    Chevy Malibu, CARE packages, microwave ovens, hot water tanks, etc.
                                    John and Patricia McClung
                                    c/o American Cooperative School
                                    XXXX NW 74th Street
                                    Miami, FL  XXXX  (Private) 

                                    *Please Note--If you send a CARE package to the above address, PLEASE 
                                    tell us via email because Customs pulls the box until we give them the 
                                    estimated value of the contents AND a list of contents.  Thank You.
                                    Please drop us a line when you get the time.  I am TRYING to respond to 
                                    your emails when I read them.
                                    In His Service,
                                    John and Patricia

November '02