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We continued to email Dr. Martens with questions and comments.  The Lord showed us on an almost hourly basis that He was pleased with our obedience and He did some amazing things to strengthen our faith.  We knew that the Lord desired for us to go to Suriname, so we applied to NICS...

Email...(Sunday, January 7, 2001)
Dear Mr. Martens,

     I hope that the Lord is blessing you and your
family in this new year.  I just wanted to inform you
that my wife and I just finished the online
applications for NICS.  We are excited and we covet
your prayers as we begin this application process.
     We have our finances organized and the Lord is
definitely blessing us in this manner.  We have let
our families in our plans, also.
     Patricia contacted the university where she
completed her Masters program.  Unfortunately, they
we're not willing to work with her regarding her
certification for school counselor.  They were
requiring her to complete an additional 30 semester
hours (essentially another degree), although she had
completed most of the coursework previously.  This was
a minor setback.  She wanted me to inform you that she
is so willing to be used in any capacity. She would be
a classroom assistant, custodian/janitor, or cook. 
    As for me, we have just begun our second semester
of school.  Presently I have not informed my principal
of my decision to leave.  I don't believe that she is a Christian and she may not understand our desire to teach overseas.  The situation often calls for prayer when
dealing with her.  I will need a little time breaking
this news to her. I am bathing this in daily prayer.
    We ask that you continue to pray for us, and we
hope that we can still be used for the Lord at your
school.  Feel free to advise us on the next steps of

Thanks again,

John and Patricia McClung
Servants of the Lord
His Reply....(Fri. Jan. 12, '01)
Dear John & Patricia:
Thank you for your email. I received your NICS application today. I am attaching a copy of my proposed web site which gives a lot of details about employment at ACS.
If you get on internet  to you should be able to find the workshop schedues for their college placement seminars. If Patricia could get involved in one of those it would be of great help for counselling students for college admission. I am currently thinking of using Macel as a high school supervisor with the ultimate goal of college counsellor when we discontinue the current distance learning program from the University of Nebraska. We are also working on joint accreditation with the European Council of Overseas Schools and the MId Atlantic Accrediting Association. So I can foresee a longterm and fulfilling ministry at ACS. For John I am looking at a self-contained class for Grade 6. I would also like to explore the curricular interests. I would like to  begin specializing some of the course in Grade 6,7,8. What areas would you be interested in? I am hiring a math teacher for the high school who will also teach Middle School mathematics. My current 5&6 teacher is interested in teaching PE. If you happen to be interested in PE we could develop a boys and girls classes. Just let me know.
We are praying with you for the Lord's guidance. Our new building project is moving right along and should be finished by the end of June. The steel frame is up and the first floor walls are in place. The ground floor is being poured today, I will put you on my weekly mailing list so you can be informed of what is happening here.
God Bless
Frank Martens


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