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McClung News Journal

Nov '03

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Happy Monday,

I just want to share just a little info going on here. First, we have a prayer request...Could you lift up in prayer one of our fellow teachers? Her name is Emily Fulkerson. She has an on-going headache that is now in its third week. It is becoming very difficult for her to teach, and a challenge to even go about her daily routines. Pray that God can take this headache away.

Next, I'd like to share some praises with you. 2 Sundays ago, I gave the message on Thanksgiving from Psalm 100 at our local church. Suriname, of course, does not have a traditional Thanksgiving holiday like we do in the states, however the congregation was so moved about true Thanksgiving to God, our Father, they have now planned a special Thanksgiving service to sing praises and give personal testimonies. A lady in the congregation came forward at the end of the service to rededicate her life to the Lord, so that is another praise.

I am thankful to report that we now have a venue for our youth retreat over Christmas break. Our retreat will be held at Overbridge, one of the nicer places in Suriname. It has a beach right on the river and several recreational activities. Check the website out at This is going to be a fantastic retreat of fellowship, worship, and discipleship! We can hardly wait! Please keep this event in prayer.

And finally, I want to report on our Saturday evening bible study. This past week, we did our study on baptism because one of our students will be baptized this coming Saturday at Overbridge and he had several questions. As a result, several other students have the desire to be obedient to God and be baptized. We may be holding our own baptism service for our study group if all works out. I will keep you informed. Please keep this matter in prayer.

Please fell free to share any prayer requests with us. Take care.

In His Service,

John and Patricia

Dec '03