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New Pics

Summer 2002 was full of anticipation, travel, excitement and reunions.  We kept the roads hot by travelling in NC, VA, DC, WV, KY, and OH.  This was our first trip back to the States post September 11th, and we did see some noticeable changes. Here are a couple memories from a fun-filled summer...


Our SunFish


Atlantic Beach, NC (our beach!)


Between visiting our church supporters we had a little R and R.  I was able to enjoy beach-time with my family as Patricia was working hard at Georgetown University.  To the left is our little SunFish.  Alas, I only took it out once for about 20 relaxing minutes.  We sail on the Neuse River in New Bern, NC.  I got to spend some FUN time with my little niece, Sierra.  (I miss her!)  We got to spend some quality time with my little buddy, Adam.  He will be taller than me next summer!  That is my best friend's motorcycle--Tim--he was my Best Man in our wedding.  Hope he hasn't wrecked her yet!

My Niece, Baby Sierra

Our Little Buddy--Adam


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