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Bible Study 2003
ACS School Life
Downtown Parbo'
Aukan Interior
Fort Zeelandia
McClung Photo Album
Aukan Interior

I spent a few days of Easter Break in the interior rain forest at Drietabiki, the Aukan capital.  I stayed with the Lassiter family and the Charles and Brittany Shirey.  It was quite a trip...
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Onboard the DASH-6, departing Parbo

Terry Lassiter enjoys his dental ministy to the Aukan people.  His main purpose of working with the Aukan nation is Church Planting.  These photos represent my short time spent with the Lassiters.  Presently, a young seminary couple, the Shireys, reside fulltime in the little cabin. 

The Lassiter's Cabin

The Only Way to Travel Here is by Canoe

High Above Drietabiki

Surinam Airways--Our Plane

After landing safely on the little grassy airstrip, (a first for me), we made our way to their cabin, right on the river.  The only way to travel here is by river.  Many Aukan villages are found along the river banks.

My Bed--Slept on Porch in Hammock

Terry, Charles, and the boys

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