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Bible Study 2003
ACS School Life
Downtown Parbo'
Aukan Interior
Fort Zeelandia
McClung Photo Album
Page 4 - Interior

We finished the dental clinic in Poeketie...It rained much of the evening, all through the night, and finished early Saturday morning--thus, flooding the grassy landing strip so our plane could not land.  Terry got on the Ham radio (only way to communicate out there) and tried to get us a flight home.  We were eventually informed that a plane would land in another village that was an hour boat.  We left the cabin (in the nick of time), travelled downstream to the village and literally ran to meet the plane.  We were then safely evacuted back to Paramaribo.

Last Patient...

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Venomous Visitor

(Pictured on Left)  This woman stopped us as we were leaving.  She needed her tooth pulled.  She followed us over on the middle island that is used to transport items over the land.  The rapids are too dangerous to ride through, so people use the island's little rail car to transport their stuff and they are picked up in another canoe on the other side--no, those are not train tracks...
(Pictured Below)  This snake made an unwelcomed appearance early Saturday morning.  It was on the cabin porch, where Vickie Lassiter had just finished her morning devotions.  Unfortunately, the poor critter was decapitated by machete (much to my protest), moments after this photo was taken...The deceased leaves behind a wife and 2 children...

Look Who's Coming to Dinner...

The Tranquility of the River

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McClung Photo Album