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The McClung's In Suriname
Where is Suriname?
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Where is Suriname?



Suriname, (formally known as Dutch Guiana), is located in the northeastern region of South America. Suriname is the "middle Guiana" with Guyana to the west and French Guiana to the east.
To the immediate north is the Caribbean Ocean, however there are no beautiful sandy beaches with deep indigo waters--there are muddy mangrove banks and muddy ocean waters. This is due to the Amazon River dumping its sediment into the ocean just downstream from us.
Suriname has a humid tropical climate, lush vegetation, exotic animals, and 2 seasons--Rainy season and Dry season.  Suriname's average annual rainfall is 100 inches/year. Average temps are in the mid-to-upper 80's with high humidity.
To learn more about Suriname and its history and culture, click here.

Before travelling overseas, you may want to check out this site...

Here's a link to the to mission organization that got us here.  They are always searching for teachers and they have schools throughout the world.  If you teach, want to serve the Lord, and want to travel, then check out the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS).

Click here for the NICS website

While travelling overseas you'll need a good book to read...

My Favorite Online Booksite

What We Do Here

For this 2003-2004 school year, Patricia will oversee the Independent Study Program for our seniors.  She also helps with all the college/university preparation and testing. I will teach 6th and 7th grade combination class--what fun!!  We really enjoy working here at American Cooperative School.
We have 90 students enrolled here.  They come from many different nations. We have 8 full-time teachers on staff.
Besides teaching, we both lead a Saturday Night Discipleship Group for our students.  This is to better their spiritual walk with Christ, give them a firm foundation in the Word, and teach them how to share the Gospel with others.  I deliver the message once a month in our local church here--Grace Baptist Church.  We hope to hold services at school for our student/parent community this year.
Also, Patricia and I sponsor Family Volleyball Night at school every other Friday.


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