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The McClung's In Suriname
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About Us

This is our little 'biography' page.  We wish to share a little about ourselves and what we do.

About John...born in Cleveland,OH and raised in the foothills of wild, wonderful West Virginia; I enjoyed the all-American childhood. With a love for drawing and painting, but unable to realistically pursue a career in art, I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Education from Marshall University. I immediately moved from WV to New Bern, North Carolina to teach.
   After a tough 3-year tour of duty in a large urban high school (met my wife there---and no, she wasn't a student!), I took a break from teaching to continue working in the field of austism.
   After a year out of the classroom (and missing it), I took a job at a rural elementary school and loved it.  I also married Patricia in the meantime.
   After working several years at the elementary AND with the high school youth at our home church, Patricia and I continued to strive to be in the center of God's will. We soon realized that He had some big plans for us....and we found ourselves in South America!

Our Home Church



About Patricia...born and raised a Tarheel, Patricia grew up in the sleepy little town of Rocky Mount, North Carolina.  From age 7 until she was 20, Patricia was a serious student of the art of ballet.  She was also a cheerleader while in high school. 

Patricia graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BA in Psychology.  She then went to East Carolina University to complete a dual Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling AND Vocational Evaluation.  She moved to New Bern where she met John a few years later while working in a urban high school. She decided to marry John.

She loves collecting sand dollars at the beach, loves her little dog-Doby, and loves fellowshipping with the Lord.


Taking a break from work

Not Our House!

This Surinamese Hut is located in the Brownsberg Nature Reserve in the heart of the tropical rainforest. After being serenaded by howler monkeys that morning, we were allowed a nice respite from the wild teenagers that we were chaperoning all weekend.

Where is Suriname?